Hungarian cuisine has evolved over thousands of years and is an inevitable part of the Hungarian culture. Hearty, tasty, filling and delicious – it’s the favourite of not only the locals but many foreigners. Good news is that you not even need to go to Hungary to try these, as at The Rosemary, these are all available to you, a stone throw away from Central London.

#1 Goulash


The most famous Hungarian dish, goulash is a rich stew made from meat, vegetables, and spiced with paprika. A real comfort food, which is hearty, homey and hot. The best is when served in a cauldron.

#2 Hortobágyi Pancake


A salty version of crépes; filled with pulled chicken, fried onion, and topped with a sauce made of sour cream and paprika.

#3 Ratatouille Hungarian style


One of the few vegetarian Hungarian dishes. A vegetable stew made from tomatoes, yellow peppers and onions, seasoned with salt and paprika powder. Meat lovers add sausage.

#4 Mushroom stew


Another vegetarian favourite, a fresh, savoury, creamy dish made from carefully sourced mushroom and home-made noodles.

#4 Chicken paprikash


Chicken thigh is simmered in a creamy sauce with paprika for over an hour. It is served with egg dumplings called ‘nokedli’.

#6 Beef Stew


A pastoral stew made from beef steamed in red wine, tomato, paprika, and onions. Served with a side of noodles called ‘nokedli’.

#7 Gypsy Roast


A rustic dish with tasty pork marinated for two days in oil with spices and garlic. Freshly roasted, served with bacon and potato wedges.

#8 Stuffed Cabbage


Large leaves of cabbage, stuffed with minced beef and rice, which are cooked together with smoked sausage and bacon. Served with sour cream.

#9 Chestnut Pure


Chestnuts mashed with sugar and rum, topped with whipped cream

#10 Hungarian Trifle


A dessert made of three different types of sponge cake (plain, walnut, and chocolate), raisins, and walnuts, drizzled with dark chocolate rum sauce and topped with whipped cream.

You can find these dishes in many restaurants in Hungary obviously, but if you don’t want to go farther than London, pop in The Rosemary Organic Hungarian Restaurant, at New Cross, 14 minutes from the centre. Run by Hungarian owner Mihaly, it is the perfect place to taste Hungary. Book a table here.

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